Exercise Provides Us Protection From The Disease

It is said that a perfect mind resides in a perfect body. Yes, we know about the significance of daily exercise. It is very important to know how to consider the importance of exercise in the life. Routine exercise is the very valuable element to the slim and smart body. We cannot deny the significance of exercise and not to refuse how to useful for us. We should set the time for exercise early in the morning more than thirty to sixty minutes. Exercise specialists suggest a chart for all parts of the body to warm up. Simply, a common man knows the benefits of exercise including:

1. Provide the protection from the disease.

2. Reduce the heart attack chances.

3. Improve your stamina and building stronger muscle.

4. Protection from obesity and gives the confidence to succeed in all fields of life.

Daily exercise is so important against the dangerous disease like blood pressure, heart attack, obesity, diabetes, constipation and up the cholesterol level. All the above diseases are dangerous for health. Today’s man wants to know about the threat of life because of the disease. Every part of the body works in proper ways and provides a right line to maintain the muscles. When we take an exercise that calories burn in the body and turn into heat. It works as a fuel in the body. When our body does not burn the calories. As a result, we get the extra fat. It is the main cause of obesity. Obesity is causes of heart disease and diabetes. If we will not take exercise in timely and regular basis that we will be many parts of the disease.

Constipation is another harmful disease that is a cause of many diseases. We can say it is a mother of the disease. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and raise the cholesterol level is all the causes of constipation. Those people who do not take exercise on a daily basis are suffering the fatal disease. Exercise is the only source to reduce the level of all harm of life.

Regular exercise builds your muscle and confidence will be very high in the eyes of the girls. You are a prominent person in any party due to an attractive sexy body. Your resistance level will be very high. You can achieve the target due to a confidence level.

I hope, you will have known about the importance of exercise and you will join the gym immediately. Daily exercise will be part of your life.

Source by Anwar Rana Muhammad

The Best Exercises to Help You Lose Belly Fat

A lot of people today, men and women alike, are looking for the best exercise to lose belly fat. With all the methods and exercise routines that are being introduced, it could be quite a challenge to figure out which of them would be most effective in your goal to lose weight.

Some people think that the best way to get rid of the excess pounds would be to work out to the point of exhaustion or to starve themselves. This is not true at all. It is best to make sure that you are doing a good amount of each of the exercise routines while eating a balanced diet.

As for the best exercise to lose belly fat effectively, here are a couple of the routines that you could do.

The first would be jogging or running. This is one of the cardiovascular exercises that would surely help in burning fat. You could jog for a few minutes to warm up and run for about 10 minutes, after which you can go back to jogging again for a few minutes. Running can effectively get most of the major muscle groups moving, which in turn, eliminates the excess weight of the body.

Another exercise that would work best in getting rid of belly fat would be swimming. Although many think that swimming is not really a good exercise, swimming is actually provides the body with a full workout. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best exercises that anyone can do, whether trying to lose weight or not. Aside from helping in losing weight, it also improves the overall condition of the body.

You can also ride a bike around your neighborhood. This is also one of the best exercises to lose belly fat. Most of the people with joint problems who cannot handle running, choose to go biking instead, as it can be too high impact, can try riding a bike to get rid of belly fat.

These are just a few of the best exercises that would definitely help in eliminating excess weight and belly fat. As you choose the routine that you feel would be most suitable for you, make sure that as you do it, you are enjoying, as you would have an easier time getting a slimmer body if you are having fun in the process.

Source by Steve Blackman

Bumper Plates for Your Garage Gym – Reviewing Competition, Technique and Training Bumper Plates

Time to pick out some Olympic weightlifting plates for your garage gym? What kind do you buy? Rubber bumper plates or steel plates? Where should you get them? Should you buy new plates, or should you seek out used bumper plates? Are they expensive to ship, or should you expect free shipping? I’ve been through all this myself. I’ve done all of the research already for my garage gym but I’m going to do it all over again for this article. So let’s see if I can make purchasing some Olympic plates easier for you guys and gals.

What are Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates (or just bumpers) are Olympic weightlifting plates, typically made of rubber, so that a loaded bar can be safely dropped without damaging either the plates or the lifting platform (or simply the floor in most home and garage gym situations). Bumpers are available in both pounds and kilograms in the same weight variety as normal cast iron or steel weightlifting plates. Competition bumper plates are color coded by weight, while training bumpers are normally just black.

Bumper Plates or Steel Plates?

So do you choose bumper plates or classic steel/cast iron plates? Well that depends. If money is really tight, steel weights might be the way to go. Steel plates are less expensive and much easier to find second-hand. Check craigslist and you’ll be blown away by how many folks are selling their used plates and bars from the local sporting good stores. Often times, the weights are practically new. Prices on new steel plates are already about 60-70% of the price of decent bumpers, so finding used plates can mean major savings. You may also get lucky and find used bumper plates.

Another option for a tight budget is rubber coated plates. The cost is on par with steel, however, don’t think for a second that they are similar to bumpers. They are still just steel plates, only they have a protective coating. Rubber plates are typically what box gyms have these days, probably because they are quieter and look less like old school iron. They are not intended to be dropped from overhead like a bumper plate is, so if Olympic lifts are going to be part of your workout, I would avoid both steel and rubber coated plates as an option.

So why are bumpers better than steel? First of all, they’re safer. Safer as in, they won’t smash through your foundation or crack and chip if you drop them accidentally. Consider that if you cannot safely drop a 45 pound steel plate while just transporting it to and from the bar without having to worry about what it would do to your flooring, you obviously can’t drop it from the top of a press or from shoulder-height on a failed snatch.

With so many folks these days utilizing Olympic lifts in their workouts (even Crossfit uses the clean and the snatch), it makes sense to just go for the bumper plates initially so those lifts are an option for you later, even if you’re fitness level doesn’t necessitate them right away.

There is another reason so many prefer bumper plates over steel. It may seem a little silly, but for those who have worked out with steel (or still do) you will understand. It’s the noise. Steel is crazy loud on the bar. Even on relatively smooth movements, those giant plates banging against each other is definitely loud. When you let that bar down from even a few inches above the ground or rack, it’s loud as hell. Bumpers don’t clang and bang like that. Just something else to consider.

Mix and Match Plates

You don’t have to go with 100% bumpers. I have a combination of steel and bumpers in my garage gym. While my 35′s and 45′s are all bumper plates, I still use smaller steel plates. The steel 25′s and smaller plates never touch the ground so it doesn’t matter what they’re made of. Besides, the standard 10 lb. and 15 lb. bumpers tend to deform (taco) if they’re allowed to take the brunt of a drop too many times. They’re just too thin to take the same abuse as the large 45 lb. plates.

One other option for Olympic plates are Technique Plates. These are one-piece solid plastic plates really meant to be abused. They are mostly available in 5, 10, and 15 pound plates. If you’re new to Olympic lifts, these allow you to get your form down with very little weight added weight, but you still have the feel of plates on the bar. They are not cheap per pound, but you shouldn’t need more than one or two pairs of technique plates.

“I want bumper plates!”

I’ll go over the different types and brands of bumper plates and also go over what I’ve discovered regarding the best places to buy each type based on price, shipping cost, and overall reviews and feedback.

Standard black bumpers. There are a number of manufacturers out there but I’ve narrowed this down to three different -brands: Rogue HG, Troy VTX, and HI-Temp bumper plates.

-Troy VTX bumper plates are probably what you’ll come across more times than not in a sporting goods store or used equipment store. They’re priced reasonably well and the reviews are overall pretty decent. It’s one of the few options in that price range available in color. Look on Amazon for a deal on these. There is a ton of sellers for Troy VTX products.

-Hi-Temp bumpers are solid and the price is great as well. They are on the thicker side of available bumpers, but unless your lifts require over 400 pounds on the bar, I think you’ll be fine with the thickness of the plates. Lots of sites sell Hi-Temp. Rogue has them for cheaper than I could find them anywhere else, and shipping was included in the price. These are the only basic bumpers I know of that are made in the USA. FYI, HI-Temp bumper plates are the most searched for bumper plate by brand.

-Rogue HG Bumpers are my favorite choice for a basic black bumpers. I own some of these plates and I love them. They are slightly less expensive than the Hi-Temps, yet they are a bit thinner and look much cooler. They are warranted for 3 years (25′s and up) and the shipping is included in the price. Read some of the reviews here. These are hands down the best option for getting set up with bumpers.

Competition (& Training) Bumper plates: Competition bumpers like the Eleiko Olympic plates, the Pendlay Elites, or the Rogue Competition plates for Crossfit are thinner, more durable, and significantly more expensive. The “training” versions of these bumpers pretty much means they are the same plate, only not calibrated. So either way, when compared to a standard bumper, they are much more expensive.

I have lifted with competition plates so rarely that I have no business giving a review on them. Eleiko is used in the Olympics, Crossfit uses and abuses Rogue’s Competition plates, and Pendlay Elites are used by SuperFit. The weight deviation tolerances on these are so tight that you know you’re lifting the weight claimed on the plate… unlike the super cheap brands (of any plate, bumper or otherwise) where the tolerances are in the form of a percentage rather than in grams.

If you have the money to spend on bumper plates this nice, I’m sure that regardless of which brand you buy that you’ll be happy with them. Even though I won’t review them, I’ve still looked for the best prices online for all three brands for you to check out in case you are considering one of these options. Just click the links on each name in the previous paragraph. (please research prices yourself as well. These best prices are at the time of writing, and I didn’t dig to page 10 on Google when comparing.)

Pricing Summary

Below is just some pricing to give you an idea of what you will spend to get your hands on some new bumper plates (again, at the time of writing this article).

Cast Iron / Steel Plates: Approx $.90-$1.20 a pound. Definitely look for used.

Rogue HG Bumpers: Approx $1.50-$1.75 a pound. Best deal I could find.

HI-TEMP Bumper Plates: Approx $1.60-$2.00 a pound.

Training Bumpers: Approx $3-$5 a pound.

Competition Bumper Plates: Approx $4-$8+ a pound.

Technique Plates: Approx $14-16 a pound (ouch).

I hope this article has been helpful. I realize there are a ton of other brands and places to buy bumper plates. I looked at a lot of them both online and in local stores, and I’ve been exposed to a number of them in gyms. I wanted to narrow it down a bit. If you want to add your two cents on the type of plates you have and love (or hate), please do. You may also want to check out either my weight bench review or my power rack review, both done in a similar fashion and available at www.garage-gyms.com.

Source by John Burgeson

Calorie Shifting – A Healthy Way to Lose Weight Fast

Sure there are many different kinds of diets and weight loss plans available. But how many of them do you think actually work? So many of the popular miracle diets that are advertised in the media are complete crap and the ones that do work can actually harm your body. If you are serious about losing weight fast and keeping it off then you need to realize right now that there is only one healthy way to do so. The only way that it is possible to lose weight fast in a healthy manner is to use a diet called calorie shifting.

What Is Calorie Shifting?

Well, for one it is a diet. But the funny thing is that in reality it really isn’t much of a diet at all. When following this “diet’s” you will still be eating 4 meals a day. Sounds pretty strange right?

Hang in there for just a little longer! Let me first explain the concept of this diet. You see, there are two different things that can happen after you eat a meal. The fat that you consume is either stored or it is burned. What does this have to do with shifting calories? Well, by following the meal plan of this diet you will be burning fat much more often than you are storing it. This diet is based around a very specific meal plan that allows you to lose a ton of weight just by eating food. In fact, you can lose 9 lbs every 11 days by following this diet!

Source by Mike Zingler

How to Prevent Dehydration While Swimming

Dehydration or hypohydration refers to the loss of water within the body. It can occur at any time, within any sport and should be avoided as it can cause further complications within the body. It is caused by a prolonged physical activity, among other things, where water has not been consumed at an adequate level.

Although in the water, swimming is a strenuous sport that can induce dehydration – especially when one is swimming for long periods of time. It is important to keep hydrated to maintain endurance, health and balance through the body while partaking in the sport. Here are some ways that can help to prevent dehydration while swimming.

It is important to know the symptoms of dehydration – and check for these symptoms regularly should you be immersed in the water for extended periods of time. These symptoms are the increased urge to urinate, a dry mouth, or swollen tongue – and weakness, dizziness and fatigue. Although there is an increased urge to urinate, there may be little urination that actually occurs. When one is dehydrated, the urine is often stronger in color when one is suffering from dehydration.

The first way that we can prevent dehydration while swimming is to ensure that proper amounts of water are being consumed. Breaks should be taken every fifteen to twenty minutes to consume at least eight ounces of water, or another beverage – a healthy beverage. Drinking water from the pool, lake or ocean should be avoided as these water sources can contain salt, chemicals and bacteria that can induce further dehydration. Just because we are in the water, does not mean we have to stop drinking water. Swimming is exercise, and with any exercise we are losing moisture from the body – and it is important to replenish this moisture.

They say that swimmers are more prone to dehydration because it causes high levels of exertion in the body, but swimmers do not feel the urge to drink because they are immersed within the water and therefore the brain is not aware of the need for water, and other liquids. To prevent this, take specified breaks from the exercise to drink water, and ensure that at least a half gallon of water is being consumed each day – to prevent these swimming dehydration risks.

When treating dehydration at home, it is important to replenish the liquid that has been lost from the body – but not too quickly, as this can cause uncomfortable feelings within the stomach. Using ice chips or sports drinks high in electrolytes will help replenish and rejuvenate the system that has suffered from dehydration.

With the combination of heat and humidity, and water – your body is more than likely losing water while swimming. This combined with the perspiration, and high heart rate is combinations that can create dehydration. Be sure to keep hydrated while participating in swim meets, especially children – and especially at an outdoor pool in high temperatures.

Dehydration is a dangerous illness that causes severe electrolyte imbalance. The treatment for severe dehydration is intravenous fluids – therefore, medical attention should be sought for any child or adult suffering from prolonged dehydration, as to avoid any damage to the body.

Source by Brenda Williams

Every Other Day Diet Vs Raw Food Diet – Which is Right For You?

It seems that wherever you turn there’s a different eating concept of program which is supposed to help you lose weight and look better. Naturally, you also want to feel healthier, not just lose fat.

In today’s article I want to compare two methods to lose weight and lead a healthier life. One is called the Every Other Day Diet and the other is known as the Raw Food diet. Which method is better for you? Which should you choose?

Before I begin to compare these two methods according to a list of criteria, let’s go over what these programs are in general.

The Every Other Day Diet (EODD for short) is a weight loss program in which you can eat your favorite foods every other day even if these are the kind of foods you will normally not find on any diet plan. These may include pizza, burgers, and so on.

Naturally, this program does have specific guidelines and you need to eat according to them. But, if you do, you can lose weight without really depriving yourself.

The Raw Food diet is a general term for programs which prescribe eating food in its most natural forms. This is usually vegetarian, if not vegan, programs, so meat eaters will not like this. The idea is that because modern food is filled with chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, drugs, and other pollutants, that we’re getting sicker and fatter simply because we’re eating bad food and we need to stop.

Ease of Use

I believe that EODD is easier to do than most raw food diets because it’s less restrictive and does not require a radical lifestyle change. However, you can get used to eating raw. It’s an acquired habit.


EODD does have a support system but so do many online raw food diet plans such as Yuri Elkaim’s Eating For Energy program. I believe support is very important which is why I prefer online programs to books.


Raw Food diets as a whole are not centered around exercise. Some include exercise guidelines and some don’t. With EODD you will need to workout regularly to get the best results you can. There is no getting around it.

Health Wise

This is a point of contention. If you believe that eating “modern” food is bad for you (and there are experts which say as much) then a Raw Food diet will look healthier to you. If you don’t, then you don’t need to go to such extremes.

I will say this: there is truth in the claims that our foods are not as clean as they can and should be. However, you need to realize that a eating raw is a commitment to a totally different way of life, so you need to be ready for it.

Each of these 2 methods can work for you. Just choose the one which seems right for you and your life.

Source by John Davenport

Gym Equipment Review: The ProForm 500 ZLE Cross Trainer


We’ve found that cross trainers are the hottest, fastest growing category of fitness equipment. A cross trainer is one of the best ways to get a total body workout in 20 to 30 minutes. Walk into the cardio room in any gym or health club and you’ll notice that there are more cross trainers are in use than treadmills, stair steppers or stationary bicycles. Why? Because people who are truly committed to a serious fitness regimen know that they get a superior workout on a cross trainer. One cross trainer we really like comes from industry giant gym equipment manufacturer ProForm. Here’s our review of the popular 500 ZLE model

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

The ProForm 500 ZLE is a rear folding cross trainer that has a 3-level adjustable stride length. This allows the user to easily focus their workout on a specific muscle group, making for a versatile, effective and enjoyable exercise session. The design allows the machine to be stored in a small space, a great feature for those with little room to spare. The console has an easy to read backlit LCD display with stereo speakers. There’s also a fan to keep you cool and an integrated iFit SD reader that gives you virtually unlimited training options.


About £600.00

Product Description:

This is a quality cross trainer that has 16 pre-set programmes and a flywheel for maximum speed and smoothness. The adjustable stride length ensures you’ll get a safe and effective workout. If you’re interested in reaching your fitness goals in the shortest possible time, this machine is worth a serious look.

Product Specifications:

Assembled size: 164 cm high x 64 cm wide x 195 cm long

Folded size: 164 cm high x 64 cm wide x 125 cm long

Weight: 80 kg

User weight limit: 130 kg

Flywheel weight: 6 kg

Number of pre-programmed workouts: 16 (8 based on calorie goals and 8 based on weight loss goals)

Type of resistance: QuietTech® digital silent magnetic resistance

Stride adjustment: 13″, 15″ or 18″ user selectable

Product Features:

The backlit blue LCD console display shows resistance level, speed, time, distance, pulse rate and calories burned. Heart rate is measured by way of an EKG grip pulse and heart rate monitor. A belt for the popular Polar® heart rate monitor is optional, but highly recommended. There’s an iPod compatible port as well as capability for an interactive workout using an iFit SD card. iFit technology allows customised workouts to be uploaded directly to the cross trainer, so you can have a virtual workout in a variety of locales. iFit controls the speed and resistance to simulate the terrain of your chosen locale. The 500 ZLE also has ergonomically designed hand levers to tone the upper body and improve coordination.


We like the ProForm 500 ZLE’s compact size that doesn’t compromise performance. It has all the features you’d expect from a mid-to-low priced cross trainer from a well-respected manufacturer of gym equipment.

Source by Jeffrey Kelly Atlas

Swimming And Its Tremendous Therapeutic Benefits

Swimming is actually a skill that has many therapeutic benefits from children with sensory impairments and teenagers suffering from depression to adults suffering from arthritis.

In order to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, one should eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep about 6 to 8 hours a day, and engage in physical activities.

Private and public pools have exercise programs that can help different conditions such as low back pain, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, degenerative joint disease, and more.

Water aerobics is a good starting point for beginners then once you are confident in the water, you can engage in a more advanced exercise regime which will enhance your cardiovascular strength, endurance, and mobility.

Here are some tips to get the most benefits in swimming:

1) Use a wet suit especially if you tend to get cold easily

2) Wear goggles and bathing cap to help protect your eyes from your hair and water and to foster proper breathing techniques.

3) It’s easy to get carried away in the water. Think about what you are doing first so you can be coordinated. Your breathing, the movements of your arms and legs as well as your body position should all move towards the same direction.

4) Learn to relax and enjoy your swimming lessons.

Swimming requires the use of your lungs and your heart in order to meet the increased demands of oxygen to your body. It is indeed an excellent aerobic exercise that promotes muscular strength and flexibility.

Any aerobic activity helps lower your heart rate, increases the ability of your muscles to use oxygen, lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as increase the capacity of your blood to carry oxygen to all parts of your body.

Swimming thus improves your aerobic capacity in such manner that your heart muscles get stronger enabling it to pump more blood per beat which in return increases your blood circulation.

People who live a sedentary lifestyle are likely to develop diseases such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and joint problems.

People who are active in swimming, sports, and fitness programs are less likely to develop the above diseases and rather have better endurance, muscle strength, range of motion, and improved tome and posture.

Source by William Mccombs

Reduce Belly Fat With Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer

Many people try to reduce abdominal fat with diet and exercise but have no luck. Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer is formulated to reduce belly fat and keep it from coming back without the need for a special diet or exercise. A plastic surgeon from Hollywood named Dr. Frank Ryan developed this formula and it as shown to have amazing results.

Abdominal Fat is Hazardous to Your Health

Belly fat is the most stubborn fat of all and is almost impossible to eliminate or even reduce. Many people simply hate the way they look just because of a pot belly or extra weight around their midsection. Losing weight and doing cardio exercise is great for your health, but they do not specifically help you lose belly fat.

Men are at greater risk than women to put on extra weight in their midsection. Women usually store fat in their abdomen after menopause, because the body stops storing it in the hips, arms, and legs and starts storing it in the abdomen. This is due to the decrease of estrogen at menopause. There is some evidence that this decrease in estrogen encourages the production of cortisol, which in turn causes the storage of belly fat.

Other than looking bad, belly fat has serious health implications. Visceral fat is stored in the abdominal region and it is found between the internal organs. Some of the health implications are:

• Affects metabolic processes

• Higher risk of cardiovascular disease

• Can increase blood pressure

• May increase the risk of stroke

• Causes high level of triglycerides

• Causes low level of HDL, or good cholesterol

• Linked to breast cancer in women

• Association to some forms of cancer

• Affects insulin resistance which may lead to type 2 diabetes

• May lead to sleep apnea

How Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer Works

Clinical studies have shown that Dr Franks Abdominal Fat Reducer can reduce belly fat without requiring a change in diet or exercise. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) helps reduce abdominal fat by lowering the amount of fat that is stored in the abdomen, increasing the speed at which these fat cells in the abdomen are broken down, and increasing the speed at which belly fat is metabolized.

CLA and the other ingredients in Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer actually keep abdominal fat cells from forming in the future. So it helps you lose belly fat and keeps it from coming back. The proprietary blend includes CLA, green tea extract, l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine, phosphatidylserine, dandelion extract, and anhydrous caffeine.

Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer affects your body in several ways in addition to helping you reduce abdominal fat. These are:

• Increasing energy – More energy helps you burn calories and feel better.

• Speeding up metabolism – Causes more calories and fat to burn faster.

• Burning fat – Fat will be used for fuel and not stored.

• Improving fat metabolism – Your body will use stored fat for energy.

• Supporting your liver – The liver cleans the blood and breaks down fat cells. If your liver is functioning well, it will help your fat loss.

• Reducing stress – This helps reduce the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone which causes abdominal fat.

Dr Frank Ryan’s Abdominal Fat Reducer is an all natural product that will show results quickly. It will help you lose belly fat along with increasing energy and metabolism. All you have to do is take two soft gels twice a day with a meal and with 10 to 12 ounces of water. This product is manufactured by Endless Youth and Life.

Source by Cynthia Adams

The Y44 Workout Method

When I was 15, I was introduced to weight training. It transformed my life then, and it keeps doing so now. I really didn’t know what I was doing then. I just read a lot of magazines and did exercises that made sense. In an era of college football with most weight rooms either less than one thousand square feet or simply nonexistent, I was one of only a few players to take weight training seriously. As I write this article today in 2015 I can proudly say that as a college player 50 years ago my bench was 405, my squat was 505, and my deadlift was 605. I never took steroids, and my only vice was protein shakes.

I have a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in kinesiology. My master’s thesis was on strength training. I was a head football and swimming coach at the high school level before becoming a clinical and sports psychologist 30 years ago. I never stopped working out. In fact, when we added on to our house, my wife allowed me to turn our old master bedroom into a full weight room complete with bench, squat cage, lat machine, leg extension & curl machine, sit up board, treadmill, 550 pounds of free weights, and dumbbells from 10-70. Our house was the hangout for all our son’s teammates. OK, enough background.

In my ignorant youth I was working out 3X/week for about 2 ½-3 hours, which included all body parts. Of course, now we know that is overtraining, but no one told me. I just knew I liked the results. Over the years I’ve tried high reps, super sets, and all the usual workouts. For the most part, they all work if you are consistent. What I can tell you is that at my current age of 68, I can still hold my own in the weight room with men much younger. We all now know that sarcopenia (loss of muscle due to aging) is somewhat inevitable, but it most certainly can be slowed down and delayed by proper workout even in the absence of great amounts of testosterone, as long as protein requirements are met (1.2-1.5 grams/kilo of bodyweight for men and slightly less for women). I stopped doing heavy lifting years ago, but many consider what I lift now to be heavy. Even my teammates from 50 years ago recently made that comment.

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, has been shown to be the most effective and efficient means of achieving good cardio. So after almost a year of experimentation, I combined HIIT with weights. Please understand that Y44 is a method of working out. You can still do whatever exercises you want, split your workouts, etc. The beauty of Y44 is you only have to do one set of the exercise to get excellent results. In fact, doing more is overtraining. I can almost hear the skeptics now, but please be open-minded. I have turned many skeptics into believers. People have been very pleased with the Y44 method.

If you are a senior or significantly out of weight training shape, please see your doctor and get her or his approval before you attempt the Y44 (I always emphatically recommend getting a full physical before undertaking any new workout regimen). Yes, it’s that intense. This is NOT a beginner’s workout. You also need to make sure your kidneys are functioning properly in order to be able to handle the protein.

The best results from weight training are when you take a muscle to complete exhaustion. Please keep in mind the protein requirements,otherwise this won’t work. Again, keep in mind you can do almost any exercise using the Y44 principle. I say almost because some like flat barbell bench or free bar squats, can not be done this way. If you want to do bench or squats with the Y44 method, a machine is the best choice.

For the purpose of explaining the Y44 method I will use dumbbell bench as an example. Again, this is a method. You can continue whatever exercises you want in combination so long as you give at least 72 hours between working out a specific body part. Okay, let’s do this.

Take whatever weight you can do 8 reps with and cut that in half. As an example, I can comfortably do 8 reps with 100 lbs. dumbbells, so my Y44 set will be with 50’s. I set my timer for 4 minutes. I lie down and do as many reps as I can do until I can’t move, usually somewhere between 21-25,then I sit up. I take exactly 4 breaths, and go back down and repeat the process. I usually am able to get maybe 7-8 reps. I sit up and take another 4 breaths, and back down, this time maybe getting 3-4 reps. I repeat this process until the timer goes off. 4 minutes, 4 breaths equals Y44. This constitutes one set, and that’s all that is needed.

It seems far too simple, especially for those who think you need 5-8 sets. Keep in mind, this is weight training, not bodybuilding. This is more on the order of body sculpting. Oh, yes, and if you don’t think this involves cardio, track your pulse during the workout. Y44 is a hybrid HIIT. As with all weight training, make sure your form is excellent to avoid injuries.

I am not a researcher, so, no, there are no studies versus a control group to point to, and at this point in my career and personal life, I’m just thrilled to get results and share them. I’m happy to let my background speak for itself. I’ll let some graduate assistant or doctoral candidate set the whole thing up, record the results, and do all the various statistical analyses. I would be happy to help.

Just remember it will take you about a month just to get in shape to really attack the Y44 method. As the old legal disclaimer goes, “Results may vary.” By all means email me and tell me I’m crazy. I love to hear all the wonderful results from a fellow crazy.

Source by Andrew Yellen, Ph.D.