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Otomix Wrestling MMA Combat Shoes Product Review

Most athletic shoes for sports that require any amount of running have a slightly raised heel. This pitches your weight a bit more over the ball of the foot offering a faster transition for the first step of a run and better ability to pick up or maintain speed. This style of shoe offers the […]

Hangover Remedies – 10 Tips To Cure Morning Sickness

I just woke up and I’m hung-over. What now? There has to be something I can do! After awakening, there are many things you can & should do to begin the hangover recovery process. Here are 10 suggestions to have you feeling better soon: These first 5 suggestions for hangover recovery are recommended immediately after […]

The Side Effects Dilemma

In theory it’s easy to take good care of your health. Eat balanced food choices including fruits, vegetables, and grains; and if you eat meats, this means ensuring that they are lean. On top of eating right, you need to get regular exercise, proper rest, and find ways to de-stress. If your food choices leave […]

Review of the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym

If you are making the choice on what to place inside your home gym, you have to check out a fitness store that carries Life Fitness equipment and check out the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym. This costs generally around $1400 for the better models and this is worth your money. There are cheaper choices […]

Sexual Benefits of Kegel Exercises

The importance of exercise to a satisfying and healthy life cannot be overemphasised. The same can also be said about an individual’s sex life. Kegel exercise is a form of exercise that is aimed at strengthening the sexual ability of both men and women by toning up their pelvic floor muscles – also called the […]

Weight Loss – Could Your Belly Fat Be Smoker’s Belly?

If you smoke and carry weight around your middle, that belly fat could be smoker’s belly! Most people have never heard of ‘smoker’s belly’ but studies have been done in the past more than once that explain why you’re on the thin side (or fat side) and have a protruding stomach. Smokers usually weigh less […]

The Ken Patera Workout

For those who are new to weight training/lifting and have no idea who Ken Patera is here’s a little background for you. Patera is a former Olympic Weightlifter and USA powerlifter. He won several medals at the Pan American Games (including gold), and finished second in the 1971 World Weightlifting Championships. He was the first […]

"I Never Drink Water!" – So, Are You Dehydrated?

It’s almost a matter of pride, isn’t it? From the hard drinker to the tea swiller, from the coffee addict to the kola kid, ‘water’ is a dirty word. Are humans really among those rare few mammals that need very little water to survive? After all, unlike desert creatures, we have no inbuilt water conservation mechanism. If you’ve […]