The Benefits of Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercise

The Arabic word for the pubococcygeus muscle exercise or vaginal squeeze is Kabbazah, which means to clamp. In India, it is known as the pompoir, whilst the Singapore Kiss is the term used in the Far East.

And there is a good reason why these countries, which are steeped in the mystical history of the Kama Sutra and geisha girls, have a specific term to describe this most important of female work-outs.

In his translation of the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, the famous Victorian explorer, Sir Richard Burton, was fascinated by the heightened development of the vaginal constrictions utilised by the women of some races and bemoaned the fact that the women of his own country were not similarly skilled.

In fact, Western men and women were only introduced to the delights of the ‘velvet grip’ through World War 2 soldiers being exposed to the attentions of courtesans in Japan and the Far East.

These days, it is well known that regular performance of any type of pubococcygeus muscle exercise will result in dramatic improvements to the power a woman can invest into squeezing her vaginal walls around anything that is inside her.

To pleasure a male partner with the velvet grip, he should lie on his back and allow the woman to arouse him, whilst remaining totally passive.

She will then straddle his thighs and lower herself onto him, inhaling and contracting her pelvic floor muscles. This will give the sensation that she is sucking him all the way inside her as she constricts around him.

Simulating her normal pubococcygeus muscle exercise, she should flex and contract herself around him, alternating different patterns and rhythms until she feels him throbbing inside her. This should normally take 10-15 minutes and, when climax is imminent, she should increase the speed of the squeezes before milking the penis by returning to gentle flexing again.

With regular pubococcygeus exercise work-outs a woman should be able to bring a man to climax without moving any part of her body except her vaginal walls.

Source by Joanna Cake